Reflections on visits to Christian Schools



All praise is due to Allāh Almighty – This is week I have been invited to a number of schools in predominantly White/Christian areas to talk about Islām.

They have welcomed me and have asked some really interesting and challenging questions about my faith. There is so much that we need to do to educate people about what Islām is really about. If we don’t do it then somebody else will.

Being a British Muslim presents a unique set of challenges and I humbly feel we need to continue to strive and become part of the fabric of society here. Britain is my home, I don’t have anywhere else to go, and neither will my daughter.

As she grows older, she will find herself in an increasingly complex and ever changing environment. Our children need to have a firm understanding of our tradition whilst being confident living in Britain.

We have so much to offer to this country and we should be confident in displaying the beauty of our faith. We have an amazing vibrant, rich, diverse, resilient and beautiful faith and this ought to be shared with others.

Judging by the questions I was asked, it is very clear that many people know very little about Islām. It is okay to say I don’t know if someone asks you a question and you don’t have the answer. That’s part of learning. We are always learning. That’s what makes life all the while worth living.

The areas and schools I visited are not in some remote part of our country – they are literally a few miles away from places like Preston and Blackburn. Yes, they are our neighbours. Yet they have barely met us. Did not Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) visit local communities to invite them to the truth?

Many of these people came to speak to me afterwards and mentioned how much they know now and how little they knew before.

I will also add here that our actions should speak louder than our words. Let us become just, moral, humble and honest citizens.

What you are speaks more louder and eloquently than what you say.

And Allāh knows best.


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