On Muslims & Evolution

Mohamed Ghilan

basmala_01 Presentation1 The following passages are excerpted from my forthcoming book tentatively titled “Discourses on Belief, Science, & Islam”.  I’ve recently seen and read for a number of Muslim scholars declaring it a form of disbelief for a Muslim to accept the Theory of Evolution and for Adam and Eve peace be upon them to have descended as opposed to created in an original fashion. I therefore think it is important for some words to be said about this. Before you read this piece, as it contains only excerpts from a larger work, I should make something clear. As far as we are concerned in Islam, Adam and Eve were real people, not characters of some allegory to teach lessons about sin that never took place in real life. God is all-powerful and is not in need of naturalistic causes to bring anything into existence. In fact, every instance is a new creation as per Muslim creed…

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