Eid Mubārak

Eid Mubārak.

I pray that The Almighty accepts our striving during the month of Ramadhān and that He allows us all to continue striving in His cause in manner that is only pleasing to Him.

Continue with all the good works you were fervent in doing during Ramadhān. Rather, make an intention and firm resolve to seek continuous improvement from now on. Create an insatiable appetite for seeking and learning knowledge, acting according to its requirements and teaching it to others. Honour rights and fulfil rights of others, give every blessing its due and thank God in abundance.

There is much suffering and injustice being perpetrated everywhere, let us fulfil rights before we begin to demand them. Become an embodiment of compassion, justice, magnanimity, mercy and truth. Let the light within you radiate so that others may see the way. If you are bereft of light, how can you illuminate others?

Introspect and reflect deeply, and know that only the individual has it in him fully to realise a spiritual prototype, because inwardly he is free; on the other hand, a collectivity, – like every multiplicity – can never escape certain constraints; the best that can happen is a more or less long-lasting balance of forces, within which the individual can follow his own goal: the salvation of the soul.

Once we come to realise the deficiency in our servitude to God, and as a consequence make a sincere effort to close that gap, can we can hope for things to improve for those around us in this world.

‘The corruption of the people’ said the saint Abū Madyan, ‘gives rise to tyrants, and the corruption of the great gives rise to revolts and heresies’.

May God Almighty grant us all understanding and increase our love for The Final Messenger (may the peace and blessings of God be upon Him).



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