The Problem With Moderate Islam and Why We Need to Redefine Radical

The Problem With Moderate Islam and Why We Need to Redefine Radical


Last Tuesday morning we awoke to the horrific news that Taliban gunmen mercilessly attacked and killed more than 140 people, mostly children and their heroic teachers, at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. It was the latest massacre to visit a region that has experienced so much violence and bloodshed for far too many years. The targeting and killing of children in particular has evoked a passionate response in Pakistan and beyond against the Taliban and those who engage in violent extremism in the name of Islam. The rage and resolve is palatable as funeral processions were organized to lay the precious innocents to rest.

Every time such incredible violence is perpetrated by people who claim the mantle of Islam, the same question echoes from the halls of academia to the talking heads in the medai: Where are the “moderate Muslims” and when will they stand up against all this murder…

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One thought on “The Problem With Moderate Islam and Why We Need to Redefine Radical

  1. Salam Alaykum,

    Hmmm… the idea of “radical love” is appealing indeed, but I do not think our opponents would like certain expressions on radical love as explained within orthodox Islam itself: That is, proper Jihad waged by the Prophet (SAW) would simply be discarded as having anything to do with love, radical or otherwise, and the dialectical arena would be ceded to Islamophobes.

    [By the way, the system and goals which are said to have been promoted by many of the religious leaders of time past (such as the Buddha, or the Hindu priests, or even Jesus (AS) as portrayed in the Bible), simply do not match with the job of state-building, while Islam generally has a much more vigorous vision. All the numerous problems we see in the Muslim world, I think, have a relationship with this very issue in one way or the other].

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