Which Group, Movement, Party, Madhaab or Tariqa offer everything Muslims need?

Abdullah al Andalusi

Many Muslims strongly argue amongst themselves as to which group, movement, political party, madhaab or Tareeqa they should join (For the sake of brevity, let us refer to any one of these as simply a ‘group’ even if they do not actually constitute a ‘group’). Those who wish to attack the group of others usually make a common argument that ‘your group may do X, but there are some things it doesn’t do, which are also important for Muslims – and for this reason we should join your group’.

There is an evident problem with that line of reasoning, which should be glaringly obvious to all – no group actually does everything. But the even more obvious observation is – why should they? Every society, community or collective needs to have specialised institutions and groups who are able to focus on one thing, and achieve further in it, than if…

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