An Ode to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Part II

mylittlebreathingspace - Ismail Satia

Part II – In Defence of Rasul Ullah (Sal Allahu Alayhi Wasallam)

Fear not! O Muhammad, she said. In your Lord we trust and must not despair,

You join ties with relatives, ease people’s burdens and treat your guests with utmost care.

Your mission had now started; Islam was universal, for one and all,

The task was not an easy one, due to opposition, very few listened and heeded the call.

The very first believers were keen and true,

Khadijah (RA), Abu Bakr (RA), Zaid (RA) and Ali (RA) – your father’s nephew.

But the call to One God was not happily welcomed or could be seen,

Abu Talib was told, tell Muhammad to renounce his deen.

If they were to put the sun in your right hand and the moon in your left you wouldn’t have given up,

Whether it meant you were tortured, beaten or accused of being…

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