Imam Sayyid Murtada al-Zabidi


Al-Sayyid Murtađā al-Zabīdī (rahmatullah alayh)

Imām Muĥammad ibn Muĥammad ibn Muĥammad ibn Ábd ar-Razzāq al-Ĥusayni az-Zabīdī, Abu’l Fayđ and is widely known as Murtađā az-Zabīdi. [1145-1205 AH/ 1732-1790 CE]

He was a Ĥanafī scholar, lexicographer, linguist, a grandmaster in ĥadīth, genealogy, biographies and personal histories [ĥadith, ansāb, rijāl]. He was a prolific writer. Apart from Arabic, he was proficient in Turkish, Persian and a language of Karaj.

Originally from Wāsiţ in Iraq, he was born in Belgram in India and migrated to Zabid in Yemen; hence his title, Zabīdī. He traveled to Hijāz [Jiddah, Makkah and Madinah] and then to Egypt and was renowned in the Islamic world. Kings from Hijāz, India, Yemen, Levant [Shām], Iraq, Morocco, Turkey, Sudan and Algiers corresponded with him; people sent him presents and gifts from everywhere.

He was admired and venerated so much that some people in Western Africa believed that their Hajj was…

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