10 Steps To Expressing Yourself In Writing

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You have an idea that you think will lead to the next best-selling book. You know, one of those that go viral instantly and become the next phenomenal hit. The only thing standing in your way is translating that brilliant idea into words. The question is; how do you begin straddling those widely scattered pieces of your idea into one uniformly bridged and organized concept?

Here are 10 tips to get you started:

1. Educate Yourself
Whoever said that good writers are good thinkers because they are good readers could never have been more right. To be able to express an idea that will be well-received and not misunderstood or disregarded, you need to borrow a leaf or two from the pages of prolific writers. Writers who painted history pages with words that made them delightful to read. You need to have a desire to discover by learning and…

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All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror

Finally got round to reading this book…

It’s a must read for anyone not only trying to understand the crisis with Iran, but to understand the current events in the Middle East, how the CIA undermined democracy in Iran, our greed for oil and what lengths and lows we will go to secure that interest… without any regard for human dignity and suffering. It takes Iran as a case study to explain American inverventionist foreign policy and this policy’s negative impacts on the democratisation process of the developing nations.

The root of evil in our world stems from our insatiable greed for wealth and resources. Nothing fills our stomach quite like the gluttony of wealth.



GOATMILK: An intellectual playground

First, I begin by quoting the greatest Sufi Shaikh of all time, Yoda, who said: “Do or Do Not. There Is No Try.”


1. Do Diversify your portfolio of token Muslims. Different Muslim superheroes have different superpowers.

2. Do not assume Arabs = Muslims and Muslims = Arabs. Do not use them interchangeably.

3. Do seek out Muslims who are black and/or white and or other colors. They exist, not all are brown.

4. Do not assume bearded men or covered women are religious Muslims.

5. Do not assume clean shaven men or uncovered women are not religious Muslims.

6. Do talk to more women, who are the majority of Muslim populations.

7. Do more stories about Muslim women not involving hijab or the burqa or honor killing or FGM.

8. Do not use the words “unveil” in your title.


9. Do not assume just because a person claims to…

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Can human problems be solved in factories, laboratories and on the desks of statisticians?

Western civilization has not been able to strike a harmonious balance between man’s bodily and social needs and his spiritual cravings; it has abandoned its erstwhile religious ethics without being able to produce out of itself any other moral system, however theoretical, that would commend itself to reason. Despite all its advances in education, it has not been able to overcome man’s stupid readiness to fall prey to any slogan, however absurd, which clever demagogues think fit to invent. It has raised the technique of ‘organisation’ to a fine art – and nevertheless the nations of the West daily demonstrate their utter inability to control the forces which their scientists have brought into being, and have now reached a stage where apparently unbounded scientific possibilities go hand in hand with world-wide chaos. Lacking all truly religious orientation, the Westerner cannot morally benefit by the light of the knowledge which his- undoubtedly great- science is shedding. To him might be applied the words of the Qur’an:

Their parable is the parable of the people who lit a fire: but when it had shed its light around them; God took away their light and left them in darkness in which they cannot see – deaf, dumb, blind; and yet they do not turn back.


And yet, in the arrogance of their blindness, the people of the West are convinced that it is their civilization that will bring light and happiness to the world… in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries they thought of spreading the gospel of Christianity all over the world; but now that their religious ardour has cooled so much that they consider religion no more than soothing background music – allowed to accompany, but not to influence, ‘real’ life – they have begun to spread instead the materialistic gospel of the ‘Western way of life’: the belief that all human problems can be solved in factories, laboratories and on the desks of statisticians…