Please can I tell you about a child who is Muslim?

Media Diversified

by Shohana Khan

He didn’t answer back to his teacher, because his parents taught him the importance of respecting those who you learn from. This respect comes from the tradition of Islam – The child is Muslim.

Can I just tell you about a child? Yes, she doesn’t listen to Beyonce or watch the X Factor. But she loves to recite the Muslim holy book, the Quran, avidly reads Enid Blyton and loves helping others. And yes, she is Muslim.

But can I now tell you about the Muslim child who didn’t partake in the taunting, ridiculing, harassing of the overweight child in the playground? He turned away, because to be unkind to another according to him, was ‘haram’ (forbidden) and he would be sinful.

But as soon as he said that, someone overheard and it wasn’t the bullies who got called to the office immediately, it was him. The…

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