Article: The Western Intellectual and Cultural Challenge and the Responsibilities of the Ulema by Dr. Mahmud Ghazi

Bilal Ali Ansari

I had initially intended to keep this website free of articles that weren’t originally authored. However, seeing as to the rarity of certain articles and their difficulty to find even online, I thought it would be useful on occasion to post important pieces that are of interest to me and that have influenced my work in various fields.

The following article was written by the now deceased Dr. Mahmud Ahmad Ghazi (may Allah have mercy on him), whose books I have benefited from greatly over the years and whose writings on curricular reform in the madrasahs reflect many of my own thoughts as well as the thoughts of many ‘ulama whom I respect, such as Mawlānā Zāhid al-Rāshidī (may Allah preserve him and grant him long life).

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