Maulānā Husain Ahmad Madni and his conduct while teaching at Dārul Uloom Deoband

Previously I had written about Maulānā Husain Ahmad Madni and the secret behind his popularity in Medina. (You can find it here:

Here are some of the qualities that are recorded by one of his old students, Maulānā Qāsim Ali Bijnauri when he was while teaching at Dārul Uloom Deoband:

  1. He was very particular about using appropriate terms of reverence whenever he was to mention some of the revered figures of Islamic history.
  2. He would furnish answers to all questions and problems raised by students even when the questions happened to be irrelevant to the subject under discussion. While responding to such questions he never lost temper. The objective was that the students should not hesitate to ask questions and must understand the subject in all its dimensions. This was a unique feature of his class, not found elsewhere.
  3. While teaching he behaved like an affectionate father and occasionally seasoned his lecture with humorous comments.
  4. All the students were totally attentive during his lecture.
  5. He always started teaching with clean body and used perfume.
  6. While teaching he would refer to his personal experiences in support of some traditions.
  7. Wherever there was need to quote some Arab writings he would cite numerous examples so that it would appear that he was reading from some books on Arab literature.
  8. When some art or science came in for discussion it appeared that he was the master of that art.

Besides, there were several other features that showed his spiritual accomplishments for which he communicated inspiration to listeners.

(Taken and adapted from Maulāna Bijnauri’s paper for a Jāmia Seminar)


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