Be inspired. Inspire others.

Last week, we talked about how our faith is all about inspiring hope. We all have something to offer to our community. The potential is there. It just needs to be ‘realised’. One way this can happen is to surround yourself with people who are driven, inspired and sincere. I know there’s not many. But thats the point. You have to find them out. And when you do, stick to them. And lastly, never ever ever lose hope. I leave you with this:

The Messenger of God (May Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) said:

Truly a man enters the Fire and remains in it one thousand years, calling out: O Gracious One, O Bounteous One. Then God will say to Gabriel: Go and bring my creature to me. He continued: So he brings him and halts him beside his Lord, and God says: How did you find your place? So he says: An evil place. So He says: Take him back to his place. So he walks off and turns round and God says: Why are you turning round? So he says: I had certainly hoped that You would not return me to it, after You had brought me out from it. So God says: Take him to the Garden. And this pointed to his hope being the cause of his salvation. (Ahmad)

Let us ask for the boon of success through His kindness and favour.


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