Advice for those starting University

Starting University? This might help

Recently, I had been asked to share some advice for people going University. For someone who has been through university life (and is in many ways still  a part of it) I wanted to use this as an opportunity to reflect on my own experiences and, hopefully, inspire you. I’ll keep this short.

When you think about University, its a very short episode in your life. But it can be the most critical. It can alter the trajectory of your life in many ways.

The first thing I would suggest you do is befriend someone who can act as mentor or role model. You might already have someone from back home, thats fine. Look for qualities like piety, sincerity, hard work, drive, ambition and so forth. Once you have someone, keep in touch with them regularly and let them how you are getting along. You are bound to come up against challenges so use them as someone you can go to. For me, it was my teachers I studied Islamic knowledge with before coming to University. I am glad I did this, for it kept me focused on what my whole journey is all about. Not to mention steering me away from all the unwanted distractions I was sure to regret later on.

Secondly, excel at whatever you are studying. Try and be the best student in the class. Use your time wisely and engage critically with your learning. Alongside this, its very important that your intention is not simply to land a “career” and makes lots of money – you will never find contentment if you do this. Believe me. Make your intention more broader, more noble, more fulfilling – you want to make a living AND you want to serve humanity, serve your Ummah, to act as a role model for the next generation of youngsters and so forth.

Finally, remember the friendships you forge at University will last you a lifetime. So choose your friends carefully. Many of the people that I met at University are still some of most honest, inspirational and sincere people around. They’ve gone on to achieve great things and I have gone on to meet many of them on my travels.

I pray that you are all blessed and achieve all that which is in your best interest. May you all become the coolness for your parents eyes.

Hāroon Ibn Ebrāhīm Sidāt


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