What do the surveys really say about Muslims in Britain?

There is a lot of discussion going around about Muslims and being British. So let me share a few statistics with you from my own research and reading. Although I still maintain that it is still about how we, as British Muslims, conduct ourselves on a day-to-day basis that will make the difference.

It’s not the numbers that count, it’s your character.

British Muslims generally identify strongly with their ‘British’ identity. The 2009 Gallop survey found that British Muslims are more likely than all populations to identify strongly with their national identity and express stronger confidence in its democratic institutions (Gallup, 2009: 21-4.). Similarly 83 per cent of Muslims said they were ‘proud to be a British citizen’ higher than for Britons generally (79 per cent). (Wind-Cowie and Gregory, 2011: 39-40). The 2008-2009 Citizenship survey (CLG, 2010) found that 93 per cent of Muslims (same number as wider society) felt they were a part of British society (CLG, 2010:40).

There are more, but you get the idea.


CLG (2010) Attitudes, values and perceptions: Muslims and the general population in 2007-2008. London: Department for Communities and Local Government.

Gallup coexist index (2009) A global study of interfaith relations. Washington: Gallup.

Wind-Cowie, M. and Gregory, T. (2011) A place for pride. London: Demos.


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