Muslims of Lancashire helping the people of Cumbria during their time of need

After hearing of the Muslims of Lancashire in reaching out to the people of Cumbria in their time of need, I felt compelled to share a short piece.

Given the context of challenges facing Muslims in Britain, this is the sort of positive engagement we need to do more and more of. I say this because as Muslims we need to show that our presence in this country is a means of mercy for everyone. This is our country and the problems facing wider society are also our problems. Their pain is our pain. Their concerns are our concerns. After all, was not the Messenger of God (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) sent as a mercy for the entire world? His mere presence was mercy. If we really are to convince wider society that we are a force for good, then it needs to be shown in our actions. We clearly did that. And we need to do more. A whole lot more.

Some will view the current climate facing Muslims as a threat. This may not be entirely true. Those of us who are of an optimistic disposition will draw strength from the Prophetic example when in its very early days the Messenger of God (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him) and the early Muslim community faced indescribable hostility. Yet it was their actions that did the talking. In the same way, let us see our situation as an opportunity. What you are speaks more loudly and more eloquently than what you say.

As always, only God knows best.





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