The way you treat rubbish says a lot about you

The way we treat our surroundings says a lot about our inner state. So when we nonchalantly throw our rubbish out of our car and on to the road, we are making a statement: very little is sacred to us. I have seen this happen a number of times – its endemic in certain places. And every time it happens I become enraged. Often times, and if I deem it safe to do so, I will scurry across and place that rubbish where it belongs: in the bin.

Nobody wants a dirty room, house or street. So why do we treat the environment any different? How would we feel if someone casually strolled along and dropped their rubbish in our homes? Perhaps thats the root of the problem. We don’t care. I often wonder what our inner state must be like if our actions are ugly – our outer state is a manifestation of what is within us.

The Prophetic saying reminds us, “God is beautiful and he loves beauty” (Muslim). The seed of beauty only flowers when we have created an awareness of our surroundings in ourselves. And only God knows best.


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